Monday, March 28, 2022

Batik Jackson Tee

 It's that time of year where Timmy gets all the handmade shirts.

Buttondowns, t-shirts... he gets them all for his birthday. Along with a beer or two.

This particular tee is another long sleeve Helen's Closet Jackson Tee/Pullover since he enjoyed the one I made him last year

The fabric is a springy and soft cotton lycra jersey that's been in my stash since we lived in Indonesia. It's from a shop in Bali that my friends and I dubbed "Balinese Anthropologie," but really called Pithecanthropus

They had an assortment of batik clothes and houseware, but also some fabric, including this navy and gold jersey printed with a traditional batik motif. So not true wax-resist batik, but a batik motif. 

Like the previous version I made, this is a size 18, View D, the longer pullover with long sleeves and a hem band. I lengthened the sleeves  by 2.5 inches and the body by 1/2 inch.

In this busy print, it's a lot of look, and I'm not sure Tim was convinced at first, but after seeing the golden light photos, I think he's into it. 

I think he might have found it more immediately palatable if it had solid navy cuffs, hem and neckline, and I slightly regret not thinking of that. But it grew on him and I'm not unpicking all those serger stitches!