Friday, February 24, 2023

Wool Daphne Jacket

I can't resist a cozy, oversized jacket pattern. This one is the Vivian Shao Chen's Daphne Jacket, a recent pattern release.

The Daphne Jacket is a shawl collar unlined jacket with an open front. The bodice is oversized and boxy. There are two patch pocket shape options: one square and one with a slanted opening, plus a cell phone pocket. There is a cropped version, and a longer, low hip length. 

The Daphne Jacket is designed for heavyweight fabrics that are finished on both sides- wool coatings and quilted fabrics. The wrong side shows on the collar, and the jacket is unlined, so you want to be sure you like the wrong side of your fabric.

I've been wanting to make a quilted jacket, but really wanting a shawl collar version rather than the collarless version that seems to be popular. My neck gets cold, folks. The quilted versions of the Daphne Jacket I've seen look really cool. I'm considering this version to be a test run for potentially making a quilted version down the road. 

For my Daphne I cut a size 9. The pattern goes 60 inch full bust/62 inch hip. It fits well. It's oversized, but not wildly so. 

I opted for view A, which is the longer jacket. I chose the slanted opening pocket, with the cell phone pocket inside it.

I chose a grey and black textured wool coating from my stash. I think I got it from Fabric Mart several years ago. I'd say it's lightweight, on the coating scale. As a result my jacket has a bit of a cardigan feel. 

I kept my seam finishes simple on this version, meaning I just serged them. The patterns gives instructions for binding all the seams for a really nice interior. 

Construction-wise the jacket was pretty straightforward. 

I do find myself wishing there was a neater finishing method for the bottom front of the jacket where the bottom hem meets the edge of the shawl collar- right now you end up with a sort of open ended tube where the hem is. I'm thinking over alternative finishes for my next jacket.

Pretty happy with my Daphne jacket!

 I've worn it several already, and it was nice and cozy as a cardigan over another sweater during our recent arctic blast/epically low temperatures, or as a light jacket on warmer days. Good for the wildly variable weather we’ve had in Vermont is what I’m saying!

I think it will make a good quilted coat, for sure.