Friday, June 14, 2024

Ruby Overalls for Wario

This project started very differently... namely as a Halloween costume for Tim! It's been an unfinished project since then, but one of my Me Made May goals was to finish up some UFOs. 

My sister has a themed Halloween party every year and last year's theme was board games and video games. Tim opted to go as Wario, mainly for the mustache. But he clearly also needed overalls. 
Purple-y blue overalls.

Being the practical person I am, I decided that I would try to make him overalls that could also be used in real life, post-party. I opted for a pattern I'd made several times before for my mom, the Helen's Closet Ruby Overalls

I went with my size, a size 20, which also worked for Tim. I found this pretty Ventana twill in purple at Firecracker Fabrics

For Tim's costume, I skipped the elastic waist for a loose-fitting evil plumber look. For closures I opted for comically large yellow buttons, securing the straps with safety pins for the party. 

When I updated the overalls for me, I opted elastic all the way around the waist, rather than just in the back as designed because I wasn't loving how the elastic pulled at the belly when it was just in the back. I also replaced the big yellow buttons with classic overalls buckles. 

I probably could have added a bit of length to the body... all my height is in my torso, rather than my legs. I have a tiny bit of a wedgie!

I'll be honest, although the Ruby overalls are objectively a cute pattern and they look very cute on others (I mean, ahem, my mom in her purple haze Ruby overalls, are you kidding me?!), I don't think they're cute on me. 

I think that maybe I am not an overalls person?! I feel like a giant toddler. I feel very un-Meg in them.

I think that's ok, though. You live, you learn. Anyone in the market for some pretty size 20 Ruby overalls?