Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Me-Made-May 2017: Mid-Month Roundup

Here's the mid-month update on my Me-Made-May pledge (in which you see how infrequently I bother to dry/do my hair in Bangkok's heat)! I've been sharing daily in Instagram stories, but here is the first half of the month all in one place.

Remember, my pledge was to wear at least one me-made garment every day and wear at least two me-made garments three times per week for the month of May. I'm doing pretty well on that front; I've starred (**) the days that I wore more than one handmade garment.

I am failing at my plan to take photos out and about rather than at my apartment building- it's hard to get photos of yourself on the go!!

Also, I have been spending a lot of time at home working, sewing and preparing for our upcoming move, so my wardrobe has been pretty boring, casual basics... t-shirts and stretchy pants, mainly. It has revealed a hole in my handmade wardrobe, though: stretchy pants and/or leggings! Gotta get on that. Although I won't need them in the same way when I move back to the States, I'll still probably need them for layering under dresses to stay warm!

I noticed, just from the above collage, that I wear a lot more red and pink than I would have thought. I usually think of myself as more of a green girl. You learn something new every day!

(not pictured: the Sewaholic TofinoCloset Case Patterns Carolyn pajama pants and panda Prefontaine shorts I wore to sleep throughout the first half of the month)

Week 1

Day 1: Working from home in my leaf/feather print Groove Dress, aka secret pajamas.

Day 2: Took some blog photos in sweltering heat and then kept my new Saldana t-shirt on to work from home and do jazz hands. Then we went out for seafood in Bangkok's Chinatown and I got curry crab all over my new shirt... sigh. I think it'll come out in the wash, though.

** Day 3: Yet another work at home day. Rocking a handmade trio: 1) my Style Arc Daisy Designer Pants, 2) my black cotton lawn Cashmerette Springfield tank and 3) my Style Arc Nina Cardigan.

Day 4: Excruciatingly hot in Bangkok, so I went for my fruit emoji True Bias Southport dress! Bonus: a me-made necklace from my jewelry making days (need to pick up that hobby again!!).

**Day 5: Had a massive thunderstorm during the night, so it cooled down enough to make pants feasible again. Liesl + Co Bento Tee plus Thread Theory Lazo Trousers!

**Day 6: Mostly wore my pajamas all day (but they're me-made, remember?) while assembly line sewing a bunch of girls dresses and listening to continuing legal education videos (sigh, CA bar requirements...). But then I changed into the comfy combination of my Designer Stitch Gypsy top and my Deer and Doe Brume skirt to go out for dinner/drinks. In the photo, I'm standing in front of the spirit house at a neighboring condo building.

**Day 7: A thrilling Sunday morning doing the grocery run in some very well-worn me-mades: my True Bias Hudson pants and Union St. Tee. Later in the day I changed into my batik Marilla Walker Maya top to go for dinner at a friend's house.

Week 2

**Day 8: Starting off the week with coffee, crazy hair and rumples clothes. Wearing a Wiksten tank and my colorful Snapdragon Studios Lemon Squeeze Cardigan. Tim also wore Meg-made, his green McCall's 6044.

Day 9: My Christine Haynes Lottie top and a me-made bracelet!

Day 10: A public holiday in Bangkok spent sewing, applying for jobs and listening to continuing legal education videos. I kept it casual in my Designer Stitch Georgia top and some RTW stretchy pants.

**Day 11: Cool and comfy in my cropped Liesl + Co Bento tee and Named Clothing Alexandria Peg Trousers. I really like these pants and should make another pair...

Day 12: RTW leggings (which I hate with a passion because they always slide down throughout the day) and my Style Arc Kim Swing Top on a rainy day in Bangkok. I adore this top! I think it looks cool and interesting, but it's really just a t-shirt. And I love how it skims over my lumpy bits and looks sleek! Must make more.

**Day 13: My friend Ben and his daughters came over to use the pool and hang out. Much to my delight the girls showed up wearing the Hey June Racerback dresses I had made them last week! I'll blog them soon, but definitely check out this free pattern if you have little girls to sew for this summer. For poolside lounging I wore my old Burdastyle Anda dress coverup and I swam in my much-loved Jalie 3350 swimsuit. I changed into my Style Arc Adeline dress later to run errands, but forgot to take a photo.

Day 14: Lazy Sunday wearing my striped high-low hem Groove dress. So comfy!!

Week 3

Day 15: Kept it comfy in my Tilly and the Buttons Zadie dress for a teeth cleaning and then some work around the house.

Day 16: Ok, so I fell off the photo-taking wagon here. Mostly because I spent 6 hours sorting through clothes, books and magazines to prep for our move, all while wearing my pajamas (me-made, though!). I feel ok about this because, though, I was able to separate out stuff to donate and stuff to upcycle. 

Day 17: Rocking my sassy car mechanic look in my Marilla Walker Roberts Collection jumpsuit!

Ok, check back in for another update at the end of the month... in the meantime, I'll keep posting on Instagram stories.