Sunday, June 3, 2012

Batik Quilted Placemats

Erin and Ben are leaving Jakarta (boo-urns!), so I made them a small going-away gift with a little bit of Indonesian flair.  

They recently had a new dining room table set made and Ben had remarked that they would need to start using placemats, so I decided to make them some from Indonesia's national fabric, batik.  

To make the placemats I used this tutorial, although rather than cut 2 18 x 13" pieces to serve as the front and back, I cut one 18 x 13" piece, one 15 x 13" and one 13 x 4" in a second fabric for each placemat. 

I also didn't quilt the whole placemat, but partially quilted each one differently, using the diagonal batik pattern as a stitch guide because the fabric was bunching up a bit as I quilted.


They came out pretty cute, I think!