Friday, June 29, 2012

Eyelet Yoke Cardigan for Zoe

On the long journey to Da Nang, Vietnam (how is is that it is so close to Jakarta, and yet I had to first fly to Singapore and subsequently stop off in Siem Reap before arriving in Danang?), I was able to turn out this cute little sweater for Zoe (don't tell her, it's for her 1st birthday!!!).

 It's knit in 5 parts (2 sleeves, 2 front sections and 1 back), which are then connected together by the eyelet yoke... Not very difficult, but something tells me it could be even easier. Somehow there has to be a way to knit the front sections and the back in one piece to eliminate some of the seaming (which I suck at). I haven't quite figured out how yet, but perhaps it will come to me in time.