Sunday, July 1, 2012

Old Man Sweater for Baby Alex

Another sweater made while jaunting around Vietnam... this one an adorable old man, shawl collar cardigan for Amy's adorable new baby, Alex.  Although I hear it's ridiculously hot in NYC these days, hopefully this fuzzy little cardigan will keep him warm in the fall and winter.

I made the sweater using the "Baby Sophisticate" pattern from Stockinette- very easy and well-written.  The only change I made was to  knit the sleeves flat because I am terrified of double-pointed needles.  So pointy.

I used Nature's Choice Organic yarn, repurposed from this scarf I made last year.  I unraveled it after realizing I would never wear the scarf in Jakarta's heat, plus I liked the look of the yarn better in knit than in crochet.