Sunday, July 22, 2012

Scout's Honor

The Grainline Scout t-shirts keep coming...  here are my latest versions, some with tweaks (both accidental and purposeful):

Eggplant batik, for Colleen to tide her over until she makes it out here to Indonesia:

Purple flowers, for Chuck's birthday, with plenty of help from Lincoln:

Accidentally sleeveless linen... I made this one from some so-light-pink-it's-almost-white linen that I bought, but didn't use, for my wedding dress.  I only had a yard, not enough to cut the sleeves except on the bias.  Turns out sleeves cut on the bias are wonky and terrible, so this one ended up as a sleeveless shell:

And lastly, a mauve, black and olive chevron Scout for myself, with sleeves lengthened by about 2.5 inches: