Sunday, July 22, 2012


Tim and I had a mean bagel craving this past weekend, so we decided to make some.  Funnily, when looking up bagel recipes that called for all-purpose flour, I stumbled upon this blog post on Inquiring Chef, a woman living in Bangkok also on the hunt for legitimate bagels.  Like her, I am able to find decent bagels here in Jakarta (we went to Bagel Bagel in Kemang... not bad, although the humidity messes with the chewy crust something fierce), but making them is pretty fun, so here we are.

I followed Inquiring Chef's recipe, for the most part, although I put 1 tsp honey and 1 tsp molasses into the dough and also did the overnight method, more like the recipe on Smitten Kitchen, making the dough the night before, but boiling and baking the morning we wanted to eat them.  Tim and I topped ours with sea salt and sesame seeds (why does everything I cook these days have sesame seeds in it?), which is a delicious combo.   The bagels were better if I baked them longer, though- more like 14-15 minutes for a darker and chewier crust.  Mmm.