Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ikat Meghan Blouse

After my success with Sis Boom's Meghan pattern a few weeks ago, I had to make another one.

This one is made from some hand-woven Balinese ikat that I bought in Ubud... rust colored with a pretty teal, green and grey print.  I think my pattern placement was much better on this version, although the print does have somewhat of a uterine effect on the stomach area.  Oops!

(Please excuse my shiny face and awkward hands.  I don't think a career as America's Next Top Model is in the cards for me, for obvious reasons.):

I made it one size smaller for a closer fit after wearing the green version out and finding it slightly blousey in spots.  I think the bust fits better, but it's a smidge tight in the hips... shocking, I know. I may have to add some vents or whatever you call them on the sides.  Maybe next time I combine the two sizes, smaller on top and larger on the bottom.