Friday, June 21, 2013

Pleated Playsuit

Heidi from Elegance and Elephants (of Ruffle Top and Bubble Pocket Shorts fame) offered this Pleated Playsuit pattern for free on her blog... who am I to turn down something free, especially something this cute?

I made it with some flowered quilting cotton fabric I bought at Joann's a few years ago, and used some green-on-green striped Lisette fabric that the Real Martha bought me as the accent on the straps, cuffs and pockets. 

I cut the shorter version so maybe Zoe can wear it this summer, but the long version is pretty awesome, too.   I cut both parts of the pocket out of the accent color so the contrast color would show at the hips, but otherwise I didn't make any changes to the pattern.  I found the pattern extremely easy to follow, except for maybe the cutting, but that's only because a few of the pieced were printed in layers on top of each other.  It just meant I had to pay a little bit of extra attention when cutting the fabric, not too taxing.  All-in-all a cute, easy to put together pattern that looks more complicated than it actually is!