Thursday, March 27, 2014

Stylin' Sunki

A Sunki dress for Zoe...
(and, yes, I am officially addicted to GIFs.)

I have loved the Sunki pattern from Figgy's for a while now, but this is my first time making it.  It's so modern and funky.  Love the puff sleeves and the pocket/panels:

 Also: does it come in adult sizes?  Let's make that happen.  In the meantime, I've got my eyes on a couple other Figgy's patterns for the girls... Stellar tunic? Seraphic pants? Ethereal dress?  Don't mind if I do.

Anyway, I sewed up the Sunki in this fun flowered fabric: Erin McMorris' Trixie in royal blue.  The pocket accents are a green-on-green stripe from Lisette a couple seasons ago (I also used the striped fabric as an accent on my pleated playsuit last year.).

Here Zoe is jamming out while wearing it for the wintry weather, over leggings and with a turtleneck underneath... can't wait to see it in the spring/summer without the extra layers!

Pattern notes:
  • Size 2/3 with 3/4th length sleeves
  • I had a little bit of confusion over sewing in the pocket/side panel, but looking at this tutorial on the Figgy's blog helped a bit. Ultimately I worked it out and it's looking pretty good, although I feel like the pockets are a bit shallow.
  • I topstitched the neckline on the front and back to match the pocket edges and prevent the facing from rolling out.
  • The shoulder pleats were giving me some trouble- I couldn't fit the sleeves into the openings- so I gathered the sleeve heads between the pleats marks instead.


  1. She must love her Sunki, she can't keep still ;-) Very cute, but if I may be so cheeky to say, without the turtle neck.

    As you know I had a hard time with the pockets too and I agree they were a bit shallow. I did the same topstitching around the neckline, I think it need it particularly with the thick fabric I used. However all was ok for me with the shoulder pleats.

    Do you think you'll make another? I love the pattern I'm tempted to try one with metallic leather accents.

    1. Ha ha, so true regarding the turtleneck. Actually, when I saw her with the turtleneck on underneath, I almost reprimanded her parents for it, but decided it wasn't worth it ;-)

      I might make another, definitely, perhaps for my other niece... I think the result is so cute. Metallic leather sounds pretty amazing. Make one for me, too, ok?