Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Skater Twins!

Matching dresses for the girls made from Kitschy Coo's Skater dress pattern (the little girl version of the top I made a few months ago): good stuff!  Making the adult version made me want to make the child version, and now, having made the child version, I want another go at the Lady Skater.  Putting it on the list...

I used this soft pastel knit fabric that I stole from Martha's stash.   It definitely looks like an '80s-era purchase with the paint splatter effects and pastel colors.  It's not something I would likely purchase myself, but still very cute and pretty (and free! Thanks, Martha!).  I've got approximately 9 miles more of it, so this is not likely to be the last you'll see of it.

Construction wise, the only change I made was to sew the neck-band together as well as the shoulders before attaching them, as that's the way I've done it successfully in the past.  

The little dresses look so cute!  Can't wait to see them on the girls... and I'm sure they can't wait for the warmer weather that will allow them to wear the dresses!