Saturday, April 12, 2014

Stripes and Flowers Tumble Tee

I've had the Tumble Tee from Rachael at Imagine Gnats in my constantly growing pile of patterns for a while now (thanks, Sew Fab pattern bundle! I am counting the days until the next bundle is available!) but just hadn't gotten around to printing it up and putting one together.  Now that I have I am kicking myself for not doing so sooner!  So cute and so ridiculously simple to make.  Literally one hour from start to finish (and that included unpicking a messed up serged seam, too!).

The front.
I was inspired to sew it up after obtaining a giant pile of knits from Martha's prodigious stash... lots of fun prints (like this one from which I made my Skater dresses) and stripes, just begging to be mixed and matched.  And mix and match I did: a multi-colored floral and some hot pink and white stripe.

The wrinkly, not so straight back.
My Tumble Tee is a colorblocked tee exactly according to Rachael's instructions.  Maybe I made the foldover for the neckline and armholes just slightly larger (closer to 1/2") to accommodate my twin needle, but otherwise, pretty straightforward!   Can't wait to churn out some more of these cute little tees!

This one I made for Baby Zoey here in BKK... I made her Tumble Tee in the 12 month size, but she's a skinny almost 10 month old, so it's a wee bit big right now.  It works as a dress, though, and looks super cute on her: