Monday, April 21, 2014

Tumble Tee, Take 2!

Ah, the Tumble Tee might be my new "palate cleanser" project.  You know, perfect for when you're working on another, more complicated and/or frustrating project, but you need a break... something simple and refreshing and quick.  The Tumble Tee is perfect for that, I've just discovered.   

I was working on another project (the new Soleil dress from Selvage Designs, which is awesome!), but my serger decided to act up on me and try to eat the dress (which was 95% finished).  I freaked out and needed to step away from it for a few days.  But I still wanted to sew... another trouble-free Tumble Tee was just the ticket.  After the little win from whipping out the Tumble Tee, I regained the patience necessary to try to fix my stalled project.

This Tumble Tee, like my first, is made with vintage knits from my mom's stash: a fun squiggly aqua knit.  I paired it with some white knit I cut out of one of Tim's old t-shirts. Love it!  I hope niece Anna likes it, too!
the back...