Saturday, July 5, 2014

DIY Travel Souvenir: Coin Magnets

It's been a long time since I've posted any projects other than the sewing variety on the blog, but I was inspired by this tutorial from Tattered Style I found via Pinterest to make souvenir magnets out of coins from abroad. It is a great idea... and so insanely easy, too. The steps are thus: 1) get coins. 2) get magnets. 3) get glue. 4) glue magnets to coins.

Tim and I have a wealth of foreign coins (ok, "wealth" is an exaggeration... it probably totals under $10) from all of our travels over the years, particularly the past few years. The coins are pretty cool in some cases and have been languishing in our drawer.  When I saw the tutorial I knew it was a must-make - great idea!  Also because I already had some adhesive magnets from the Japanese dollar store in my possession, negating the need for about a third of the steps in the tutorial.  Win!

Here are my magnets, which took approximately 3 minutes to put together:

Countries represented: 

Thailand, U.A.E. (that must have been an airport acquisition, because neither Tim nor I have actually been there), Vietnam, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia...  

I'm pretty sure we have some coins from other countries kicking around here somewhere, so I will definitely be making more magnets when I find them.  

Here's this round in action, doing their new, very important job, holding up memories and grocery lists: