Monday, July 21, 2014

Sally + Batik Minnie

I think I may have jinxed myself with this project. I made a comment upon cutting it out that I really disliked the fabric, but that I knew Zoe would love it... after that, nothing but trouble with this dress, some of my own making, some just bad luck. Oops!

This is the Sally Dress from Very Shannon. I've had this pattern for a while now; I bought it back as part of the Sew Fab pattern bundle back almost a year ago... I love the giant pockets (and imagine Zoe will, too), the cute sleeve length, and the interesting triangle-shaped shoulders, which I understand help the bodice stay on even though the square neck is wide.

 The fabric is some cotton/poly Disney "batik" from Batik Keris (you might remember I made the girls some Mickey Mouse batik outfits last year.)  I bought it back before I moved to Thailand from Indonesia, knowing Zoe was a fiend for Minnie Mouse. Hopefully she still is!  I really don't love the fabric... it's just machine-printed fabric, not true wax-resist batik, and I don't love the yellowy/tannish/gold accent color. But it was the only one with Minnie.

I tried to place Minnie carefully on the bodice, sleeves and pockets (although it appears Minnie ended up on the back of both sleeves... oh well). I also made sure the border print formed the hem. Unfortunately, since the skirt is so full, the Minnies on the purple strip on the skirt get a bit lost in the gathers.  

This was just one of those dresses that had to be unpicked and resewn approximately a million times. No fault of the pattern at all, but definitely a result of sewing while a little tired, blatantly not following directions and other shenanigans. In the end it came out fine, but it's definitely not my best work. Don't look too close at the top-stitching! 

Can't wait to see it on Miss Z!  Hopefully she receives it in time for her birthday (3???!!!!!) and likes it!