Thursday, August 6, 2015

Lane Raglan Two Ways

After falling in love with Hey June's v-neck t-shirt, the Union St. Tee, I thought I'd give one of her other t-shirt patterns a go... the Lane Raglan pattern.

I made the two mildly successfully versions of the Lane Raglan. My first was the maroon sweatshirt above. It's only mildly successful partially because this fabric is AWFUL. It's french terry I bought on sale at Fashion Fabrics Club and it's scratchy and has absolutely zero recovery. As such, my sweatshirt is sorta lumpy and not good.  

The second thing bringing this garment down for me was that I felt the sleeve cuffs and hem band made the body and the sleeves a bit too long for me.

The third cause limiting its success is that the neckband is too big for the neck hole, so it's all sagged out and wavy (see above). I had hoped that topstitching and then steaming it would whip it back into shape, but no such luck. Then I was too lazy to pick out the neckline and restitch. But since making it, I've gotten an oil stain smack in the middle on the front, so it's a moot point.

My second Lane Raglan, a short-sleeved version with no hem band, was further on the success side of the spectrum. 

I skipped the hem band and this one is the perfect length for me.

I also fixed the neckband issue by cutting 2 inches off just the back neckband, 1 inch off each end. When I sewed it on, I still lined up the markings at center front and on each shoulder and that worked just fine. 

I love the fit on this one!

My only remaining issue with this particular Lane Raglan tee is my fabric choice. Looking at the photos, this pinkish (it's really a mottled red up close) jersey from Girl Charlee is not doing me any favors- it leaves little to the imagination, if you know what I mean! 

Other than that, I am liking the shape and fit of the Lane Raglan. I'll definitely plan to make more like this short sleeved version, just in better, less revealing colors!

Have you made the Lane Raglan? Do you have a favorite raglan t-shirt pattern?