Monday, August 10, 2015

Mustard Ponte Veronika

Can you believe I have never made or worn a circle skirt before now? 

How??!! Why??!!

These things are seriously joy-inducing; you just can't help but twirl! It turns out, though, I am terrible at twirling. Does anyone have any tips on not looking like a goof and/or falling over while twirling? I managed to not have my underwear show, so that's a minor win:

For this skirt, I followed Megan Nielsen's free (!) Veronika skirt pattern, version 3, for stretch fabrics.

Could I have drafted a circle skirt myself? Could I have used the By Hand London Circle Skirt App to get me halfway there? Yes and yes. But I am so, so lazy. And Veronika offered me the lazy woman's perfect solution.

The fabric is some lovely, drapey ponte de roma from the Imagine Gnats shop. I worried it would be too heavy, but it seems to be the perfect weight for this skirt. 

Yellow is not normally my jam, and I'm pretty sure it would look awful next to my face, but this mustard was calling my name so I figured I had to go the skirt route with it. The color and the twirl factor of the circle skirt have just knocked this one out of the park!

I made this skirt entirely on my serger (save sewing the ends of the elastic waistband together), which is made it a fun and crazy quick project.

I let the skirt hang for the requisite 24 hours before hemming. Or deciding not to hem, as it were! My skirt didn't seem to stretch out too much or get too uneven, and since ponte de roma doesn't unravel, I skipped hemming it.

This Veronika was somewhat of a test to make sure that I actually liked circle skirts before making a By Hand London Anna bodice plus circle skirt combination for a wedding I'll be attending in September.  Since I am logging this in the success column, one Anna/Veronika coming right up! Veron-anna? Annonika?