Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Style Arc Adeline in My Fabric Designs Organic Cotton Sateen

My friend Holly is rocking this Style Arc Adeline dress that I made her from custom printed fabric from My Fabric Designs!

(Remember Holly? She likes yellow. Lots of yellow.)

She admired my Adeline dress and I had it in my head to make her one. 

When I was perusing the existing designs on the My Fabric Designs website and saw Cosmic Triangles by Friztin, I knew I had to get it for her. She loves yellow, but more specifically, she loves the combination of yellow and grey. I figured this big geometric print would be perfect for Adeline, since I'd just finished my own geometric version of the dress.

I opted to have the cosmic triangles printed on My Fabric Design's organic cotton sateen. When I received the fabric, I found the substrate to be a little bit lighter weight than I expected for a sateen, but with a really lovely silky feeling. 

I had a moment of panic when I opened the package and saw the large white/unprinted area on the edges of the fabric, but sure enough, the printed area matched the measurements given on the My Fabric Designs website.

Since I was pushing it somewhat, trying to fit the dress onto the amount of fabric I had, I didn't bother pattern matching across the side seams or shoulders (really the only seams there are!). 

However, I did take pains to match the two front patch pockets to the underlying pattern! I took my traced pocket pattern pieces, lay them on top of the bodice and traced the design underneath. Then I lay that over the remaining fabric scraps until I found the exact match. Once I had the pockets ready to go, I used some double-sided hem tape to keep them aligned while sewing. 

Worked out pretty well!! Can you spot the pocket?

I did narrow the pockets ever so slightly. For all sizes included in the pattern, the pockets are the same size and the pocket placement in the same location. For Holly's size, this meant the outer edge of the pocket would have been caught inside the side seams? Strange.

Not much to say about the construction otherwise... a quick sew!

I think the dress looks great on Holly! She paired it with nude heels here, which make her look 8 feet tall, but she was also overjoyed to see that the Adeline can be dressed down and work with sneakers, too! Sneakers are Holly's footwear of choice, as she's a long distance trail runner.

To sum up: great fabric, great pattern and a lady who looks great in yellow and grey!

Have a look at my other My Fabric Designs project, a Bento Tee, if you're curious about how the custom printing looks on different fabric substrates.