Sunday, May 21, 2017

Batik McCall's 6044

You know your sewing obsession is infecting others around you when your husband comes back from a business trip with a piece of fabric and says "So... I saw this fabric and thought you might be able to make me a shirt from it?"

On his last trip to Jakarta, Tim picked up this gorgeous, modern, handmade batik from Sejauh Mata Memandang... a deep indigo with little irregular squares. Good taste!

Unshockingly, I went with my go-to shirt pattern for Tim, McCall's 6044, the short sleeved version. Nothing new to say on this TNT pattern!

I assembly line sewed this shirt along with his fish shirt, so it went together pretty quickly.

Lucky for me, the piece of batik Tim bought was pretty big, so there is plenty left over for me to make something for myself! I haven't decided exactly what yet...

Tim definitely likes his shirt. Since I made it a few months ago, he's worn it like 10 times!