Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Me-Made-May 2017: End of Month Roundup

Hey y'all! Here's the second half of my Me-Made-May for 2017.... check out my round-up of the first half of the month here.

I always enjoy this endeavor, and particularly love seeing how people style their handmade items for everyday wear. I do get a little bit weary of taking the daily photos, but it's fun anyway.

This particular May was a bit weird for me. Because of a combination of weather (hot, torrential rain), activities (working from home, working on cleaning up my home), and future circumstances (moving to the exact opposite climate from my current one), my month was quite casual (let's be honest: casual = slobby) and less of a learning experience than it might have been otherwise.

Besides my revelation about needing some me-made stretchy pants, I feel like it's hard to judge the state of my wardrobe based on this month. I didn't wear many of my handmade items: dressier things, office-appropriate gear, cool weather wear. Ah, well.

I also found it difficult to keep up with my two garments three times per week pledge. I think because it's been so hot, it's been more about stripping down layers rather than adding them. Sometimes I cheated and counted days that I wore two handmade items separately (i.e. I wore one thing, sweated through it, then changed into another later in the day), although that was obviously not the intent of my pledge. Thinking about it, though, I don't think I'll have any problems with layering 2, 3 or 4 handmade pieces come cooler weather.

Ok, enough navel gazing! On to the outfits:

Week 3

**Day 18: I wore my brand new, just finished, not yet blogged Style Arc Elani tunic with RTW leggings, continuing the stretchy pants trend from earlier in the month.

**Day 19: My stripe-tastic Style Arc Blaire shirtdress got me through a bunch of errands. I got caught in the rain, so it got a bit soggy. I changed into jeans and my Style Arc Ethel shirt to grab dinner later on. A double Style Arc day.

Day 20: Headed to Bangkok's weekend market in my Wardrobe by Me Akinori dress. I need to make another one of these... I love it!

Day 21: As the kids these day say, I could not even with a photo of my face/hair situation on this day spent organizing my pattern collection, sorting though junk drawers, etc. But I did wear my Snapdragon Studios Summer Jazz Dress all day, an insanely comfy dress, perfect for taking care of business.

Week 4

Day 22: Running errands in my Named Clothing Sointu Kimono Tee, which I love, but the ponte is a little bit heavy for Bangkok's weather.

**Day 23: I met up with a friend for lunch and wore my just made batik Named Ninni culottes because she loves traditional fabrics from the region. I paired them with my black cropped Liesl + Co Bento Tee.

***Day 24: Travel day! I headed to Singapore in the comfy combination of my Named Alexandria trousers and a not-yet-blogged Kommatia Patterns relaxed v-neck t-shirt, with my orange Helen's Closet Blackwood Cardigan for the chilly plane ride.

**Day 25: Bopping around Singapore (some hawker food, some fabric shopping on Arab St., and a bit of the Botanic Gardens), I wore a not-yet-blogged Hey June Santa Fe top in a wicking fabric to keep cool. Then later, for dinner (bak kut teh!), I changed into my Style Arc Adeline dress, and Tim wore his fishy McCall's 6044.

**Day 26: I met up with the lovely Fiona for a bit of fabric shopping and lunch wearing my black linen Ninni culottes and custom-print Bento Tee.

Day 27: Running around town, back in Bangkok, doing errands in my Sewing Workshop San Diego tunic and RTW leggings. Got caught in a massive thunderstorm and had to practically swim down my street to get home!

Day 28: I didn't get a photo this day; I just couldn't deal. But I wore my panda Prefontaine shorts and  an old t-shirt while doing crap around the house: cleaning out our storage area, dividing up fabric scraps (quilt-worthy, big enough for pockets and interior waistbands, stuff to be donated/recycled).

Week 5

**Day 29: I wore a not-yet-blogged, but so well-loved it already has a stain Cashmerette Concord t-shirt and my Morgan jeans (tester version). I kinda wanted to wear these jeans around a bit more to diagnose the problems to determine if they're worth tweaking or if I should just make a new pair from the final pattern (this pair is made from the first round of testing and many changes were made since!). Ok, let's be honest: I'll definitely make a new pair, but will feel guilty unless I make a valiant effort to make it so this pair doesn't slide halfway down my butt after a half hour of wear.

**Day 30: So what if I pulled those Morgan jeans off the floor and put them on again? Who's gonna stop me? On this penultimate day of May, I wore them with my Hot Patterns Shirt Tail Tee. And topped them with my hot off the sewing machine, to-be-blogged Style Arc Coral Cardigan.

Day 31: Bringing it home in one of my faded favorites, my purple batik Marilla Walker Maya top. Paired with an ancient RTW stretchy knit pencil skirt.


See ya next year!