Friday, June 2, 2017

Plaid Linen Elani Tunic

When you like something, you like it...

This is my version of the Style Arc Elani Tunic, which Style Arc describes as "Versatile style with all the features you would want in a tunic. Easy to make and wear with its dropped shoulder, turned back cuff, inseam pockets and a dropped back hemline."

Folks: it's basically the Adeline Dress in tunic form!

It's got the soft v-neck of the Adeline dress, a topstitched neckline facing, faced sleeves (that you can turn back for a cuffed look, or not) and a faced high/low hem. There are in-seam pockets, although they don't really look like the pockets in the technical drawing; they're just regular, free-hanging amoeba-shaped pockets.

Do I love it? Yes. 

Is it basically a shortened version of the Adeline dress, which I also love? Yes. 

Could I have shortened the dress myself rather than buy another pattern? Yes. 

Am I mad at it? No.

I cut the back in one piece because the seam had no shaping and I didn't want to pattern match on this shifty lightweight linen.

Speaking of linen, this lovely linen is from my local shop here in Bangkok. It's super lightweight and crinkly, but so airy and nice. And the colors are great! 

Back to the Elani: I put the in-seam pockets in, which I am regretting. I kinda forgot: I hate in-seam pockets! I know, I know... commence virtual stoning. But they are so bunchy and floppy and annoying and what the heck am I going to put in them that's not just going to fall out when I sit down? Sigh. I may go back and remove them, I find them that annoying. I think if they had been as they seemed in the technical drawing: topstitched into the bodice and hem, then maybe I wouldn't hate them. But they aren't. And I really need no help bulking out my hip area. That's what beer, butter and bread are for.

But, despite the pockets, I love my Elani tunic! Comfy, cool...