Friday, January 12, 2018

Dude Sewing: Far Far Cardigan

This is one of my last projects of 2017, a gift for Tim. With temperature plummeting here in Vermont at that time, he needed some layers!

Enter the FarFar Classic Cardigan (which translates to Grandpa cardigan) from Wardrobe by Me. I'd seen some fabulous versions of this cardigan pop up, especially in December, during gift-giving season.

I opted for View A with the shawl collar and rounded patch pockets. There is also a version with a simple button placket. 

Tim's measurements put him in a size 2XL. No vanity sizing here, apparently.

For fabric, I used this navy poly/cotton sweatshirt fleece from Joann Fabrics, which is smooth on the exterior and incredibly soft on the interior. Even though the fleece fabric is quite stable, with minimal (nay, nonexistent) stretch, it worked well for this cardigan since there is plenty of ease (designed with 6" of ease in the chest). 

There is still plenty of room for layering. Tim is wearing it over a t-shirt in these photos, but it looks nice over a buttondown shirt, too!

The buttons are also from Joann. I didn't really have any proper buttons in my stash, so I made a valiant last minute dash to the store during the pre-holiday craziness. Remind me not to do that next year.

The few minor quibbles I have: when the cardigan is unbuttoned, the collar seems to want to splay outward and show the seam allowance at the chest. 

And there seems like there is a little bit too much undercollar to lay smoothly in some spots. I might narrow it slightly next time. But if you button the top button, it seems to help things.

But, like I said, minor quibbles. I think it looks pretty slick and he seems to like it! Pretty chuffed with this cardigan, my second men's pattern from Wardrobe by Me this week!