Wednesday, April 10, 2019

McCall's 6044 Strikes Again

My TNT shirt pattern for Tim strikes again!

I batch-sewed Tim two versions of McCall's 6044 for his recent birthday... did I make him two versions of this shirt last year at this time, also for his birthday? Yes. Am I ashamed? Nope!

Such a good pattern... no fit changes from my previous versions. Both versions are short sleeves, no yoke, two front pockets.

The first, modeled on our recent weekend trip to Brooklyn, is made from a super silky tropical palm print cotton voile that I bought in Bangkok at Hieng Yoo Huat. I think it's originally from Japan. 

I was hording the palm print for myself, but then Tim expressed an interest. At first I said no, because I am mean. But then I realized I could eke a shirt for Tim and still get a tank for myself with the yardage I had. A shirt for Tim it was! 

For this casual shirt, I finally tried out some of the Snap Source pearl snaps I've had since my birthday. I don't know why I haven't tried them yet. So easy to install! So much fun!

The second shirt is made from a gorgeous piece naturally-dyed cotton batik I bought at a holiday fair when I lived in Indonesia. It's probably been marinating in my stash for 5-6 years now. 

Really gorgeous detail on this hand-stamped piece...

This one seemed more appropriate with buttons, so I stuck with those.

Tim loves both shirts! Thanks, trusty McCall's 6044.


  1. So nice! How long does it take you to do up one of these now, cutting to buttons? I am currently sewing #2 of two birthday shirts for J (but I'm trying a new pattern for the second one).

  2. I love both shirts and your hubby looks great wearing them. Love the fabrics and fit.

  3. We all know what a lucky guy he is but now he is extra lucky getting a shirt from fabric meant for you. Your so good to him. Don't know if I could have done that!