Monday, December 23, 2019

Closet Case Patterns Scrapbusting Floor Pouf

I've been meaning to make one of these scrap-busting heros for a while now... This is the Closet Case Patterns floor pouf, which you can both make with scraps and stuff with scraps... a dream scrap busting project!

For my pouf, I used scrap fabrics from recent projects, starting with two colorways of Cone Mills denim: gold left over from my Sienna Maker Jacket and green left over from my Jenny Overalls. I complemented those with some stretch denim scraps left over from I can't remember what.

Finally, I decided it needed a pop of color, so I used some denim from Ikea that I had in my stash (you might remember it from some sewing machine covers I made several years back). It has fun, brightly colored couched stripes that pick up the gold and green in my other fabrics while also providing a sprinkle of pink, red and turquoise.

Playing off that pop of pink, I opted to pipe the edges of my pouf with some bright pink store-bought piping from my stash. I love the bright contrast with the earthier colors in the denim. The pink also picks up some colors in the artwork and striped pillows we have in our living room.

I ended up offsetting the triangle colors on the top from the rectangles down the side. When I matched them up it had a bit too much of a circus tent feel. So I shifted the loop of rectangles by two. Don't look too closely at the alignment of my seams there...

I definitely need to work on my piecing technique! The center point where all of the triangles meet up is also not a pretty sight. I decided to make a big fabric-covered button to disguise that area.

Sewing this pouf was such a fun project! I'm feeling pretty chuffed because it used up some of those scraps that were too large to toss, but too small for a garment- precious ones, too!

Plus it's stuffed with scraps and not even full! It fits more scraps than you think it will. I was sure I couldn't get all of mine in, but it's not very poofy, so there is clearly room for more. Right now I just have a trash bag full of scraps in there, so it's a little bit crinkly, but eventually I'll make a fabric bag for the interior to hold the scraps.

It works really well in our living room, pairing up with an armchair Tim always sits in. I love how it plays off of the colors on my other pillows and in our artwork. Such a fun and satisfying project!