Saturday, December 14, 2019

Boiled Wool Blend Tobin Sweater

A perfect-for-Christmas, but not really Christmas-y at all sweater!

This sweater was somewhat of a mistake: I originally bought this fabric, some Lana Bollito wool/rayon blend in a beautiful true red, at Hart's Fabric earlier this year when I was driving through Santa Cruz. I had originally intended this fabric to be another Jalie Tania coatigan and I purchased enough for that pattern. Then I washed and dried it...

My fabric ended up like a yard shorter in length! Eek! A bit of a bonehead move on my part.

I couldn't fit the Tania, no matter how I tried: cutting flat, removing the pockets... nothing worked. But the remaining fabric was just the right size for a Cashmerette Tobin sweater, so not really a problem in the end.

I think this is the same wool blend that Jenny used for her Tobin pattern samples, but don't quote me on that. It's a teeny bit itchy, but has a nice drape and a gorgeous nubby texture. I'll always wear a thin shirt underneath because of that itch, but that's pretty much par for the course for me here in Vermont winter.

Just like my previous two Tobin sweaters, I cut a size 16 C/D, which worked out great. Pretty spot on.

Unlike my other Tobins, both the cowl-necked, high-low hemmed View B, this is a (sort of) View C, minus the colorblocking. It's got a straight hem, hemmed sleeves and a faced neckline. Probably the simplest of all the potential Tobin mix-and-match options.

I think I may have slightly stretched out the hemline when I zigzagged the hem. Boo.

I love it anyway, though! It was super quick and easy to sew up.  A vert smooth sew and a garment I'll wear over and over again, even outside of the holiday season. A solid basic. 

Since my neck always gets cold, I'll likely be wearing it with a scarf most of the time: