Thursday, January 27, 2022

Magenta Cowl Neck Tobin Sweater

Sweatah weathah is basically 8 months per year in Vermont, but we are currently deep in full body sweater every time you open your door, and even when the door is shut season.

This particular sweatah I'm sharing today is the Cashmerette Tobin, which I've made (and loved) several times before

This is the Tobin View B, the dramatic cowl neck, but with the straight hem from the other views.

Since my measurements are not the same as last time I made this pattern, I broke down and traced a new size. This is a size 20 C/D... 

I think the other times I made this sweater I used a cut size 16 C/D. The 16 technically still fits (I still wear these sweaters), but is a little snug. 

But this one feels a tiny bit big in the shoulders and hips, so maybe I should have split the difference and done an 18?

The fabric is a beautiful magenta wool jersey that I bought a couple years ago at my childhood fabric shop, Osgood's

I accidentally felted it a little bit when washing it (though strangely other wools washed in that same way were fine), so it's lost its smooth surface texture and drape, and it has a little bit of a textured/boiled wool feel, but I kinda like that.

Say, Meg, didn't you sew a bright pink turtleneck sweater last winter? Yes, yes I did. 

And here's why  I've sewn another one:

1. The colors are hot pink and magenta. They are not the same. (Her colors are pink and pink!)

2. I love that pink turtleneck, but it's a little tight around the belly.

3. It's winter in Vermont. It's dark, it's cold, and it's the third winter of this never-ending pandemic, and I need a colorful pick-me-up.

3. Pink and dramatic necklines look great on video meetings, which is where I spend like 85% of my life these days.

So there you go. Another pink sweatah.