Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Fish Batik McCall's 6044

One more birthday gift for Tim: a fish shirt!

Tim works on seafood sustainability issues and let me tell you, this industry appreciates a novelty shirt, folks. 

This is not the first fish-themed McCall's 6044 I've made him; the previous one is so faded and tattered from years of wear!

The fabric is a beautiful Indian batik with a fish motif purchased from Capsicum Natural Fabrics in Amsterdam when we were there last fall (imagine us cruising around on bikes through the cobblestone streets, trying not to fall in the canals). 

For this lovely, special fabric, I went with McCall's 6044, my go-to shirt pattern for Tim.

Same size as usual: large through shoulders and sleeves, graded to between a medium and large elsewhere. Short sleeved version with no yoke.

I tried quite hard to pattern match the patch pockets on the chest. 

I used this method of tracing the pattern from the shirt front onto the pocket pattern piece and then fussy cutting the pockets. 

It worked pretty well, although the hand-printed fish are not identical, so it's not perfect. But pretty damn good! 

I think he likes his new shirt and I think it looks great. 

 He wore it for a birthday dinner on a birthday trip to Costa Rica, hence the extreme change of weather in these photos.