Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Sweater Knit Finlayson

It's Tim's birthday month, and I've promised him a bunch of hand-made gifts... here's the first one out of the gate!

This one started with the fabric: I bought this beautiful, thick cozy knit from Stash: a loop terry rib sweater knit. It's a heavyweight double knit that's 95% cotton and 5% Spandex. 

The colorway I chose is Forest (there's also a charcoal grey and a salt-and-pepper) which is a pretty olive-y green achieved by a combination of green and black threads. One side of this double knit is more green, the other more black. I chose the more green side to be the right side.

Once I purchased the fabric I thought through what I wanted to make with it. I remembered that I really liked the Thread Theory Finlayson pattern on Tim when I made it a few years back 

I made the shawl collar pullover view in size large, same as last time

Like last time I sewed this pattern, that shawl collar was a little bit tricky to sew- so many layers! But we got there. Not the crispest corners, but it'll do. 

On my last version I found the sleeves too wide at the wrist and didn't like how they had to be almost gathered into the cuff, so I narrowed them towards the wrist for this version.

I used a scrap of flannel left over from my Tarawi shirt for the back neck facing, and added a couple fun labels - my personalized labels from Dutch Label Co and the "Always Sweaty" labels from Inside Voices Labels.

He seemed to be liking it! He layered it over the plaid McCall's 6044 I made him a few years back and wore it to work. He said he got compliments on it already!