Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Turquoise Ruby Overalls

Ack, my mom kills it in overalls.

These are her mother's day gift, the Helen's Closet Ruby Overalls.

The Ruby Overalls have a flat front, elasticated back, and two lengths (cropped pant or shorts). You can use overalls hardware buckles or sew the straps into the bib. They have anchored inseam pockets at the hip.

For my mom I cut a size 10, which worked out perfectly. The Ruby Overalls pattern comes in sizes 0-34, and goes up to a 60″ chest and 62″ hip.

Comically, the Ruby overalls are supposed to be cropped, but my mom is quite short so they're full length on her.

For fabric I I used an ever-so-slightly stretchy cotton twill that's been in my stash. I don't totally remember where it's from, but I am suspicious that it may be the same fabric I used for these Jenny overalls for my sister a few years back

Oops! There may be some twinsie moments in their future!

I skipped the anchored inseam pockets at the hips in favor of a single, angled chest pocket, stolen from the Helen's Closet Yanta overalls pattern

Construction-wise, I really like how the bib facing forms the casing for the elastic at the back. 

I used overalls hardware for the strap closure, and ended up cutting off about 6 inches of length from each strap. 

They look so cute on her! I think she really likes them, too, which is great.