Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Not for Gardening: Jenny Overalls

Beauty in blue!

After making my sister the Pietra shorts as a size test earlier this year, I started work on the Jenny overalls she requested. And then the pandemic hit and they sat on the table for a couple of months. 

But I finally got back to them and, damn, they were worth the wait!

These overalls are the Jenny pattern from Closet Core Patterns. I cut her View A, in the cropped length.

Like her Pietra shorts, I cut a size 10 waist and bib, graded to 12 at the hip, which was spot on for her.

The fabric I used for the overalls is an ever-so-slightly stretchy cotton twill from Joann (pre-boycott) in a beautifully rich blue. 

I was worried her waist/hip ratio might make it difficult to pull the overalls over her hips, so I decided to put lapped zippers and buttons on both sides of the trousers. One lapped zipper is better than the other, so we're highlighting the good one here!

As as aside, please admire my sister's clematis. 

Note: these overalls are not for gardening.

I'm pretty delighted with the fit and finish on these overalls!

I think my sister is, too!