Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Have Legs Will Wear Shorts: Linen Pietra Shorts for Sister

I made my sister a pair of Pietra shorts and they look fabulous on her! 

After my good experience with the pattern, I thought it would be a good fit for her, too. 
I also wanted to use it as a test case for a pair of Jenny overalls I was planning on making her. 

I had sent her a pair of size 14 Jenny trousers to try on to make sure I was in the right size zone, but they were way too big for her (they ended up with my mom- blogged here!). In retrospect, I think she gave me her low waist, rather than natural waist measurement. 

I thought the shape of the Pietra shorts was close enough to the Jenny pattern that it would be a good indication that we had chosen the right size. I went for a size 10 waist, graded to 12 at the hip. 

Boom. Perfect!

The fabric is a linen blend of some sort from my stash. I bought it as a remnant at Joann literally 10 years ago- I had two smallish remnants that were perfectly sized for the Pietra shorts. 

The fabric is a flax-colored background with magenta, purple and teal swirls on it. When my sister saw it in my stash, she was like "Those are my colors!," to which I replied "Her colors are pink and pink.

Anyone? Bueller? 

 In any case, these are clearly her colors; she looks radiant in them! Like a land mermaid.

Pietra shorts for the win! This pattern is definitely a keeper for me.