Monday, November 2, 2009

Smitten Kitchen's Apple Cake

Tim needed a dish to bring to his office potluck, and one that could be served cold or heated in the microwave. Since I think most things heated in the microwave end up having the consistency of rubber, we opted for a dessert that could be served at room temperature... Smitten Kitchen's apple cake.
This was also the time for apple cake since we had a million apples leftover from a game of apple bobbing that was truly misguided in this season of swine flu paranoia!!
We'll see how the cake turns out. I can't cut it open yet because it has to be pretty enough to entice Tim's coworkers to purchase a piece tomorrow (proceeds go to United Way). I think I forgot to put the nuts in the cake... don't tell.
UPDATE: Tim tells me the cake was "really good," as in "good enough to win best dessert" at Nathan Associate's potluck fundraiser. Apparently we are now the proud owners of two tickets to Mt. Vernon.

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