Thursday, November 12, 2009

Makeshift "Blankie"

It was Friday night and Lucy was quite dismayed by the fact that she did not have her blankie with which she sleeps everynight. As her mother...I know that this was an act and that she was secretly elated at the fact that she was up past her bedtime.

In a panic, I ventured into Martha's sewing (or whetever it is she does in there) room. I might was well had been on Mars. I asked Lucy what specifications she needed. My four year old responded by informing me that it had to have a soft silky edge and a tag to put her finger through. I grabbed what fabric I could and got to work.

Sewing Machine One: I tried to slide the fabrics (silky edge & nemo fabric) through effortlessly, like Martha does. It wouldn't work until my six year old informed me that there was a 'gas' pedal. Duh. After some sliding, pushing and tugging (and some 'gas'), the silky edge was adhered and I proceeded to pull the half-made blanket out of the machine. This rendered the machine busted and I had to move on to machine two.

Sewing Machine Two: This was a complete bust...I could barely get it to work.

I then decided a good ole' needle and thread would be the best intervention. I sewed on the 'tag' the old-fashioned way. She grabbed it and crashed within fifteen minutes of completion!

Well...this is what I came up with:

To may seem like a 'fail'...but to me, whenever there is a happy is a success!