Monday, June 30, 2014

Floral Charlotte

Since my Me Made May adventure revealed that I need more me-made bottom coverings, I decided to sew up By Hand London's Charlotte skirt:

I used a floral printed stretch bottom-weight... maybe it's technically denim?  I got it from a local fabric store here in Bangkok, Hieng Yoo Huat.  Not sure why everything I am posting this week is pink, considering pink is not normally my jam, but here it is, in all its rosy glory!:

I shortened the length by about 7 inches by very scientifically holding my Colette Mabel pattern pieces up to it.

My two issues: one, for some reason my waistband was very short as compared with the skirt, so rather than having a couple of inches of overlap, I only had about one inch.  Hmmm.  Not sure what happened. Next time I'll have to lengthen it and maybe widen it, too.

Two, I am getting some poofiness in the front area, not necessarily when standing still, but when I walk, the fabric bunches up. You can kinda see the weird hip-to-hip horizontal wrinkle below, although the print obscures it a bit.  Any thoughts on how one might go about fixing this problem?  When I look at images of other ladies in their Charlotte skirts, it appears others may have a similar problem, to varying extents.

I'm pretty happy with my Charlotte!  I'll definitely have a few improvements to make on my next iteration, but it's a pretty cute and wearable skirt as is, too!