Monday, June 16, 2014

My Extended Me Made May Challenge: Me Made Living

Welp, I've completed my extended Me Made May challenge, which was to wear hand made for the first two weeks of my new job.  Success!  I'm going to categorize my extended challenge as an exercise in #memadeeveryday and #memadeliving

This was pretty fun for me since I got to wear many of my me made garments for the first time... and there really wasn't a dud in the bunch.  I was particularly happy with my dresses, Sureau and Emery... comfortable, quick and easy to throw on in the morning (no matching!).  Good stuff.

Holes I found in my professional handmade wardrobe: solids.  I need basic solid pieces, bad.  In particular, a solid black top, some solid pants to wear with all of my printed blouses...  And while I'm at it, I might add a few more work-appropriate dresses, too.

Week 1

My batik New Look 6808, plus bonus cat:

Digital Datura blouse, plus bonus Tim:

Forgot to take a photo on Friday of Week 1, but I wore my ikat Victoria blazer.

Week 2

My polka dot Josephine, plus cat lurking in the background:

Ikat Tiny Pocket Tank under the blazer: