Sunday, June 1, 2014

Me Made Made: Update #5 + An Extended Challenge

So, my first Me Made May is over, and I successfully wore a handmade garment every day for the whole month! The photos from my last week of outfits are below and the earlier updates are here, here, here and here.

Wearing my handmade stuff everyday was really fun (taking selfies daily: less so), although it definitely showed me that I need more me made pants and skirts in my life. And perhaps a couple more casual dresses.  I started filling in those gaps a little bit, though, by making a couple Mabel skirts throughout the month.

I had been hoping that the start date for my new job would be mid-month so that I could wear both my casual and work-appropriate clothes, but that didn't happen: my start date is June 2.  As a result, I am extending my personal Me Made May challenge into the first two weeks of June: for the first two weeks of June I will endeavor to wear a me made garment every day!  This way I can show off some of my dresses, blazers and dressier blouses as I head back to work in an office, and maybe also assess my work wardrobe for holes while I'm at it.

May 27 and 29: Photo fails. Oops!  I think a month of selfies wears thin and I purposefully forgot to take photos. Sorry I'm not sorry.  But I didn't fail on wearing me-made... I repeated my vintage fabric Painted Portrait blouse on the 27th with jeans and my neon popcorn Plantain on the 29th.  That Plantain may have to be retired because it is irrevocably stretched out horizontally (and yet too short vertically??)... zero recovery on that knit fabric, apparently!

May 30: Plaid Belcarra blouse for an outing to get my nails did, then for a drink with the Timster:

May 31: Ending the month with a bang. A trifecta of me-mades... first my color-blocked Scout for running errands in the morning, then one of my batik Anda tunics as an afternoon poolside cover-up, then my not-yet-blogged Vogue 8904 for evening beers!

Cheers to a month of me-mades!!!