Friday, May 30, 2014

Southwestern Emery

I told ya there would be a second one!  After my first Emery went so well, I was pretty pumped to get started on another!  Plus, I had this very busy southwestern/Aztec/tribal (what do you call this stuff?) cotton quilting-esque fabric that I bought on a whim from the sale area at one of my favorite shops in Bangkok's Chinatown fabric district, Cotton House (#277).  I realize I probably already missed the boat on this trend, but I like the fabric nonetheless, so I pushed ahead with it.  I kinda wanted a more in-your-face Emery since my last one was relatively tame.

I cut the bodice on the cross-grain to get the stripes to go horizontally, but then left the skirt with the stripes running vertically.  I tried to get the stripes to match across the side seams below the bust darts, figuring that noone was (hopefully) looking too close at my armpit region so it was ok if it didn't line up.  Despite my best efforts, the stripes don't quiiiiiiite line up across the back zipper.  I'm cool with that, though.

This Emery is unlined because I didn't have quite enough fabric.  I considered using bias tape as a facing, but ultimately decided to draft my own neckline facings by tracing the front and back necklines (taking into account the back darts)... I made them 2.5" wide and interfaced them.  Not too shabby!  I stitched them down at the shoulders and in the zipper seam allowance so they don't pop out.

Somehow, even though I made the same size as my first, this one became a little tight across the chest once the sleeves were attached, only when I try to put my arms behind my back.  My only guess is that it's due to the fabric having less stretch/give because it's more tightly woven than the fabric I used for my first Emery?  Also, on this one, it seems more obvious that I might need a slight swayback adjustment.  That said, I like how this slightly stiffer fabric gives the skirt a little more body.  Good stuff:

Anywho, I love this Emery... it's so bright and fun and girly and a little crazy, and I really dig how the stripes look going in different directions.  I feel like it has a bit of a Modcloth-y feel to it, perhaps.