Thursday, May 15, 2014

Madras Belcarra Blouse

Why have waited so long to sew up a Sewaholic pattern?  I'm not sure... they're totally geared towards me, a pear shape. I've got a couple in my stash that I haven't dug into yet for various reasons (building up the nerve for the Robson trench coat and waiting for an occasion for the Cambie dress).  But I had no reason to not make up their most recent release and the first Sewaholic pattern to be available in downloadable form (yay!)... the Belcarra blouse!  Love me some instant gratification!  I predict that I won't be able to resist getting more Sewaholic patterns as they become available in PDF form...

Anyway, back to Belcarra:  My Belcarra is View C with the upturned cuffs and chest pocket.  I chose a pretty jewel-toned Madras plaid that I stole from Martha's stash (meaning it probably dates back to the early '80s).  It's super soft and breezy, perfect for the unbearable heat we've been experiencing in Bangkok these days.

I really love the cut of this blouse!  It's relaxed and has no closures or darts, but is still shaped along the side seams so it doesn't look boxy.  Good stuff!  I think this casual, plaid version, but I can imagine it in a fancier fabric for work, too.

I went a size down from what my measurements called for...  I looked at the finished garment measurements and chose the size that gave me 2 inches of wearing ease in the bust for a slightly more fitted look.  It worked out well, I think!

I feel like I did a decent job on the plaid matching, at least horizontally on the side seams... I cut the bodice pieces on a single layer (which also saved fabric and allowed me to fit all the pieces on less than the called-for amount of fabric! Win!).  I considered plaid matching the sleeves, but it was blowing my mind with the 2-pieces raglan sleeves, so I threw up my hands and just focused on getting the sleeves on grain. I'm not mad at it.  I love how the bias cut plaid looks on the pocket and cuffs, too!

My only quibble with the pattern, and it is quite slight, is that I think the pocket placement markings are not right for the larger sizes.  The markings are in the same spot for all sizes.  After sewing mine in the recommended spot, I felt it was too close to the center and looked really odd, so I ended up unpicking it and shifting it over towards the side seam 1.25 inches.

Love my new top... maybe I'll have to sew up another for the Belcarra sewalong?  Perhaps something with contrasting sleeves next time.