Monday, May 5, 2014

Me Made May Update #1

Here's an update on my Me Made May progress!  As you might remember from my pledge, I vowed to wear a piece of me-made clothing every day for the month of May and document my outfits for ye olde interwebs!  You can read a little more about Me Made May here and here!  I apologize for the occasionally sub-par camera phone photos... I imagine lots of MMM photos are captured on the fly like these, though.

The first few days of my first Me Made May were spent on New Zealand's South Island, where Tim and I were wrapping up our campervan tour of the island (I'll be posting more on that soon at my other blog!).  Living out of a campervan and doing lots of outdoorsy sight-seeing necessitated that my first few outfits be casual.  My first five days are also very top and Plantain-heavy. I expect my outfits will become more work-appropriate as the month progresses as I will (hopefully) be starting a new job in a few weeks and I hope to make some more bottoms, too!  I've just downloaded Colette's Mabel skirt pattern, which I think could end up being a go-to for me.

May 1: Rocking my fluorescent striped Plantain during a day full of kayaking around Kaikoura's bays and hiking around its scenic peninsula:

May 2: Wearing my green Plantain while dying of cute overload as the result of an up-close-and-personal view of hundreds of baby seals frolicking in a waterfall at Ohau.  I think a trip to New Zealand is worth it just for this experience.  And I realize you can barely see the shirt in the second one, but, dude. baby seals.:

May 3: Packing up the campervan for the trip back to Christchurch after a night at the Peketa beach holiday park... wearing my sweater knit Plantain:

May 3 bonus!: Tim wearing his Newcastle cardigan, also with Peketa Beach as the backdrop:

On May 4, right as we were about to board our flight back home to Bangkok, Tim snapped this shot of me (looking a bit doofy) in my Made by Rae Josephine blouse, the one I made from some pretty Japanese poplin:

Today, May 5, a work-at-home/filling out endless government forms day, I kept it casual with my button-back, color-blocked batik Grainline Scout:

Another update in a week!