Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Testing, testing: Morgan Jeans

The Morgan boyfriend jeans pattern is meant for non-stretch denim. It features "a mid-rise, traditional five pocket construction, contoured waistband, tapered leg and button fly," and "fits snugly through the hip."

I'm not used to wearing boyfriend style jeans- in the past I've steered clear of them because I figured they would be too straight in the hips for pear-shaped me. I'm happy to say that the Morgan jeans have enough hip curve to be flattering for the hippy ladies!

When I chose my size for testing, I erred towards the larger of the two sizes I spanned because of the "snug in the hip" description. But after trying them on and realizing I'd made a pair of quite slouchy boyfriend jeans, I think I could have easily gone with the smaller size and been fine.

It's been so long since I've worn non-stretch denim that I forgot how stretched out it can get after a day's wear! My jeans sag out something fierce after wearing them. Since they're already a size too big, they stretch out in an epic way: I can pull them off without unbuttoning them. It doesn't help that I don't own a dryer to tighten them back up...

For my first button fly, I found it to be quite simple using the pattern instructions. Pretty proud of how it turned out... and totally forgot to take close-up photos!

Please note: these are an early test version of the Morgan jeans, so some of the fit issues you might see have been fixed in the final pattern. After several rounds of thorough testing, Heather made several changes to the final pattern including adding a bit more ease through the leg, scooping out the back crotch curve. I'm really looking forward to making a pair from the final pattern (and a size down!)!!

My denim is some lightweight stuff I picked up here in Bangkok. It's quite, um, blue. I think it needs a bit of distressing. For some reason the super saturated solid color makes me think of Seinfeld. Noooooo! Not the boyfriend style I am going for. Must break out the sandpaper and/or cheese grater on this pair!

P.S.: what am I doing with my hands in this photo below? Pocket jazz hands?