Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Birthday Shirt: Minty McCall's 6044

For my husband's birthday, I had big plans to sew him a couple different shirts, moving beyond my TNT McCall's 6044.

I was looking at a couple in my stash (Vogue 8759 for work and Hot Patterns Coal, Iron and Railway Company Shirt for a casual look) and even pulled out fabric to go with each.

But life intervened and I ran out of time and energy to measure the new patterns against my TNT... so another McCall's 6044 it was! Hey, if it works, it works.

After making 4 of these for my husband already (chambray, stripes, batik, more chambray), I feel like I might be able to make it in my sleep. Same adjustments as usual: size L at the shoulders, blended to somewhere between M and L for the waist, hips and arm width.

The fabric is some lovely, super lightweight crinkly (I swear I ironed it!) cotton stripe from Clear It in Fitzroy, Melbourne. When I was in town over Christmas, some of Melbourne's lovely sewing ladies suggested I check out Clear It out for fabric sales. So glad I did! It's a factory outlet, with both clothes and fabric from Australian designers. There were a ton of gems in the mix, like this shirting. Plus, the 50% off sale couldn't be beat. 

I didn't bother with stripe matching on this shirt. The stripes were just too small and the fabric too easily stretched out of shape. I switched the stripe direction for the pocket, but that's about it.

He likes it! The lightweight fabric is great for Bangkok's hot weather. And the green color is a bit different than other shirts in his closet. Not the most exciting birthday present, but a nice one, nonetheless.

For those of you who liked it last time (Colleen), here's some more "business Tim," i.e. Tim wearing his new shirt in his natural habitat, type-ity typing away at the computer.