Friday, April 22, 2016

Double Gauze Ethel

More stripes! I've been feeling the stripes lately... green and white stripes, specifically.

This is Style Arc's Ethel Designer Top. This pattern caught my eye immediately... you know my thoughts on cut-on sleeves and simple lines (if you don't: I love them.). 

After seeing the beautiful striped versions made by Katie and Lara, I popped in and bought the pattern during one of Style Arc's PDF pattern sales, fully intending to make it using one of the striped fabrics in my stash.

The fabric is some lovely grass green striped double gauze from imagine gnats (affiliate link)... good stuff, this fabric! Delightfully light and airy. I love the slightly squiggly stripes and cheerful kelly green color. Sometimes the photos make me feel a bit dizzy, though- the fabric is difficult to photograph!

The pattern was fairly straightforward, with the exception of sewing the armhole facings/side seams. The instructions were a little sketchy there and I'm not totally sure I did it correctly. But it's done and it's not terrible, so we'll call it a win.

However, the final product: I'm still undecided. I don't hate it, but I don't love it. It's decidedly boxier than I thought it would be... it seems wider than it is long! And the neckline is a bit high for my taste- I should have scooped it out a little bit like Katie did.

Part of me thinks I should have just played around with my beloved Maya to get the same effect- slash the pattern to get those diagonal seamlines. Maya is a better shape and length for me, and has the perfect neckline. 

That said, I love the stripes going in different directions and Ethel's diagonal seamlines are quite nice. I topstitched all of my diagonal seams to mirror the topstitched neck, arm and waistband facings.

And despite initially feeling a bit iffy about the short length, I actually quite like it with my Birkin Flares, as I am showing you here. Shows off the killer butt fit I got from these jeans (note to self: make more Birkin Flares).