Monday, October 17, 2016

Funnel Neck Halifax

My sister liked the striped Hey June Halifax Hoodie I made for myself a few months ago, so much so that she actually commented on one of my posts (shock and awe! older sister guilt tripping!)! I knew a comment from her meant it was true love, so I decided to make her one for her birthday.

I went for the same view as mine: view D, the pullover with the funnel neck. At some point I've got to make one of the other views (the one with the angled side seams is calling my name), but for this one, I thought I'd stick with what I knew she liked!

Size-wise, she fell into a medium on top and a large at the hip (#genetics), so I gave the pattern some curve to fit her. 

I didn't have any more of the french terry I used for mine, but was lucky enough to find something very similar here in Bangkok. I got this speckled and striped french terry from L.Gemini, my by-the-kilo knits shop. Good stuff. I cut everything flat for maximum stripe matching goodness.

It fits great and she likes it! She sent me a few snaps of her wearing the Halifax on a lovely fall day. She called them her "senior pictures."  I particularly love this gem she included, her dodging an errant dog poop in the back yard... hahahaha!