Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Testing, testing: Closet Case Patterns Kelly Anorak

Woop, woop! Sound the alarms: the latest from Heather Lou is here!

This is my tester version of the Closet Case Files Kelly Anorak, and, let me tell you, I love it and will definitely make another.

Right after completing this, I had a perfectly timed trip to the northeast U.S., so I actually got a chance to wear this delightful piece of outerwear in a bit of Massachusetts' fall chill and cold rain. And Kelly was perfect for those purposes!

For my Kelly, I used a mid-weight rusty red twill fabric I found locally in Bangkok. This weight is ideal for a fall jacket... I'd definitely like to make a rain coat version of Kelly at some point, too, though, and perhaps a lightweight version. Heather's olive green sample is calling my name...

I love how the Kelly looks with snaps, but I had some trouble finding them near me, so I sewed big shiny grey/black buttons on the cuffs, pockets and collar. I like them, but really want snaps, so I didn't put buttonholes in yet.  I may remove them if I find snaps I like (it sounds like Heather will have kits in her shop!).

  I'm still working on something more professional looking for the drawstring, too, as the matching one I found in Bangkok is a little plastick-y looking and shreds at the ends.

I love the fit of the Kelly- it's got a nice shape, especially with the drawstring to highlight the waist. Not too big and baggy, but not too snug that you can't layer up underneath. Please note: there were some minor fit changes to the Kelly since testing. This is a 16 at the shoulders and bust, graded to an 18 at the hip.

Also great: the 3 dimensional pockets with the angled opening- perfect for slipping your hands in for warmth, storing necessities, etc.

The hood is fabulously functional, too. Big enough to stay up on its own, but not so big that it swallows your head and not so small that it squishes your hair.

These photos... I took them with the Kelly Anorak layered over my yarn-dyed Harrison shirt. How preppy is this outfit!? My New England roots are showing here, like wicked bad. I feel like these photos make it look like I am auditioning for a catalog shoot for L.L. Bean. Well, shit, if I'm gonna get the part, I'm gonna have to go full on. Quick, somebody pull up a Subaru in the background, get me cabled crewneck, a lobstah and a jug of maple syrup!

Anywho, there she is, my Kelly. Good stuff!