Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Basketweave Alexandria Peg Trousers

My friend Colleen is an avid supporter of my crafty endeavors... when she requested that I make her something, I jumped at the opportunity!

She actually asked me to make her some Paprika Patterns Amber Trousers after seeing mine on the blog. Colleen was on the hunt for some track pants/MC Hammer pants that could be dressed up and not look like pajamas.

However, since she lives around the world from me and isn't easily accessible for fittings, I convinced her that perhaps I would start with a pair of pants that were a bit more forgiving in the fit department (the fitted yoke on the Amber Trousers made me nervous). In other words, something with an elastic waist.

I've had the Named Alexandria Peg Trousers pattern in my stash for-e-ver, waiting to be sewn up, so I convinced Colleen (ok, I twisted her arm a little bit) that it was a good substitute. Similarly lovely pleats in the front, pegged legs, great pockets.... made in a dressier, solid color fabric, the Alexandria pant could meet all of her classy Hammer pant needs.

I chose some mystery fabric from my local fabric shop here in Bangkok: solid black with a cool and interesting basketweave texture. I think it has some poly content, but is perhaps a viscose blend, as it doesn't feel icky and ironed well without melting. I used some polka dot scraps left over from my Yaletown blouse for the pocket bags for a little fun detail. I omitted the waist tie to keep them looking sleek and dressier.

I saw Colleen in New Orleans last week and she gamely let me snap a few photos of her rocking the Alexandria pants. She perfectly paired them with a cute lightweight sweater and looked pretty adorable. Not pajama-like at all!

I wish the details of the pants, like the pleats and pockets, were a little bit more visible, but that's the trouble with photographing black! Here's a crappy up-close photo that shows the fabric texture, pleats and pockets:

 After seeing these on Colleen, I'll definitely be making myself a pair! Such a quick and satisfying sew. I love how the pleat forms the edge of the pocket- slick!!

I think Colleen likes them. Here she is, jumping for joy: