Thursday, April 13, 2017

Sewcation Outfit 3: Dove Blouse and Margaret Pant

My mom's third sewcation outfit will work perfectly for late spring and early summer...!

The top is the Megan Nielsen Dove Blouse, Version 1, with the simple elbow length sleeves.

She tried on my Dove blouse and quite liked the look of it. After taking her measurements, we ended up blending between several sizes, opting for a size small at the shoulder, M at the bust, and L at the hip. We were worried that the v-neck would be too low on her, but in her size it was just right!

The fabric is cotton lawn remnant that we picked up for a song at this wild and crazy fabric sale in Mandalay, Myanmar on our recent trip... I spotted it in the huge pile below and was immediately drawn to the purple-teal-black color combination and watercolor-y floral:

Her Style Arc Margaret pants are the fraternal twin to my pair... I went back and bought more of the charcoal bengaline-y stuff I used for mine so my mom could make herself a matching pair! Size 14, with the legs shortened by 2 inches, just like her black pair.

She looks great in this blouse! We've got another one planned for her in a large-scale floral lawn, although we may eliminate the center front seam to avoid pattern matching.