Friday, November 3, 2017

TNT Pattern Roundup on the Sewcialists Blog

Here are a few of my own TNTs that I slipped in there:

The Marilla Walker Maya pattern is a favorite of mine. Lovely, simple shape and fabulous details (sleeve facings!), works in pretty much all fabrics... I find I can't go wrong with this one:

And McCall's 6044 is a clear TNT for Tim... once we got the fit right, I just kept making it. In all of these different fabrics, you can barely tell it's the same pattern!


  1. Love all your Mayas. I'm hoping to turn the Fairfield shirt into a TNT for J this fall. After I sew a few things for me ...

    1. Thanks, Masha! I still have to make a Fairfield for Tim. I was the one that discovered the sizing issue at the hips (which they have since fixed), which caused me to put the pattern down for a while out of frustration. But I've been meaning to have another go!

  2. I simply love my TNTs and I love yours! Karen