Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Review: Dutch Label Shop

After using them for a couple of years, I've got a review of the Dutch Label Shop's woven labels!

Way back in 2016, the Dutch Label Shop offered to send me some of their labels to try out. I was pretty excited about the prospect of creating my own one-of-a-kind labels to mark my handmade items... I've been using the labels for a couple of years now and am happy to report that they are pretty fabulous!

Dutch Label Shop has lots of different types of labels on offer: basic woven labels, labels with your custom logo on them, care and washing labels, and size labels, among others. A ton of variety that would suit any maker's needs. You can easily customize the labels to suit your design aesthetic and needs.

I found the label design system pretty easy to navigate. For my labels, I opted for Dutch Label Shop's basic woven labels, which are "100%, soft-to-the-touch Polyester, made with a Damask Weave, woven on professional Jacquard Looms." I chose the 2.4" X 0.8" size, which I found to be the perfect size for fitting on a neckline facing or waistband.

Next, I chose what I wanted to write on my label, the font, color and orientation/placement on the label. I went with my nickname, Megret (that's Meg + Margaret, my full name, in case you wondered about its origins!), centered on the label, with a white background and green text. I opted for the "American Typewriter" font.

Once I had settled on that combination, it felt a little bit bare, so I decided to include a symbol. Dutch Label shop has a large variety of symbols to choose from, conveniently grouped by subject matter. I obviously clicked on "sewing" and chose a pair of scissors I liked (listed as "Fabric Scissors 2"), and then decided to add a frame/outline around the whole shebang.

The only other decision to make was whether to get iron-on or sew-in labels. In the end I chose to get both, and I am glad I did! They serve different purposes, for me, depending on the garment I am putting them in. Generally I prefer the sew-in, but sometimes I can't find a convenient spot to sew the sew-in ones on the garment so that the stitching doesn't show on the right side (or, which happens more often, I forget to sew in the label when I should and need to use the iron-on one!). In that case, the iron-on labels work nicely.

The labels are really high quality woven (as opposed to printed) labels. They're nice and thick, the design is crisp and looks fabulous. They're not itchy to wear, which is awesome, and I've found they stand the test of time, as they wash really well. There is no fraying, bleeding or fading.

Really, my only complaint about the labels is one that could have been avoided if I had made another choice when ordering: because I got the "frame," I find that there there isn't a ton of room on the edges to sew the labels on without stitching over the frame. It's not a big deal, but next time I order, I won't get the frame.

Thanks again for the labels, Dutch Label Shop! I love them and feel like they are a lovely finishing touch on my handmade garments. Have you tried their labels yet? If you haven't, but are interested, I've got a treat for you: 

Dutch Label Shop has kindly offered a discount for my readers for the next 60 days: use the code "cookin&craftin15" for a 15% discount off their lovely labels. Go check them out!